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Chakras: Overactive

When your chakras are balanced they are in a state of harmony and is distributing high vibrations.

Different spiritual, emotional, and physical things can cause a chakra to become blocked or overactive. We here a lot about blocked chakras and not so much overactive. Instead a lack of, you have a high amount of energy within your chakras. These overactive energies usually hold more of an intense energy.If your chakras are overactive you want to create a calm environment surrounding you. Focus on calming rituals such as meditation, prayers, and self-care rituals.

Root Chakra

Overactive - Aggressive, Materialistic, Cynical, Greedy, Lustful for Power

Blocked - Ungrounded, Fearful, Anxious, Unsure, Financial Instability

Balanced - Safe, Secure, Centered, Grounded, Happy to be living and alive

Sacral Chakra

Overactive - Over-Emotional, Fixated on Sex, Manipulative

Blocked - Fear of Intimacy, Low Libido, No creativity, Isolated

Balanced - Passionate, Creative, Optimistic

Solar Plexus Chakra

Overactive - Power Hungry, Critical, Perfectionist

Blocked - Low Self-Esteem, Feeling powerless

Balanced - Confident, feeling in control, Drive, Personal Power, Positive self image

Heart Chakra

Overactive - Jealous, Codependent, Gives too much, Self-Sacraficing

Blocked - Lack of empathy, Bitter, Hateful, Trust issues, Intolerant

Balanced - Peaceful, Loving, Compassionate, Tolerant, Warm, Open

Throat Chakra

Overactive - Opinionated, Loud, Gossipy, Yells and/or Talk over others

Blocked - Can’t express self, Misunderstood, Not a good listener, Secretive

Balanced - Confident, Clear communicator, Creative, Diplomatic

Third Eye Chakra

Overactive - Nightmares, Delutions, Hallucinations, Obsessiveness

Blocked - Poor Judgment, Lack of Focus, Poor Imagination, Can’t see beyond the physical

Balanced - Imaginative, Intuitive, Clear thoughts, and Visions

Crown Chakra

Overactive - Judgmental, Ungrounded, Spiritual Addiction

Blocked - Depressed, Learning difficulties, Weak Faith, Anger at the most high, Brain Fog

Balanced - Strong Faith, Universal Love, Intelligent, Aware, Wise, Understanding

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