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Why You Should Hire A Doula ?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This is the article for you if you are considering hiring birth support. Here is why’s on WHY you should hire one and how you can benefit from it.

Hire a Doula
Hire a Doula

As a child birth advocate, Birthworkers are providing mental, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stages. Not only giving support to the mothers but the family and spouse that supports the mother through child birth and postpartum.

Providing advocacy, resources, and education that will help prepare you beyond measures.

We here at Spiritual Garden Healing our advocates to indigenous birth practices. Educating families and supporting Birthing parents with natural ancestral ways of birth and healing. No matter the birth setting, we provide BIPOC families with support to have happy, healthy, safe sacred births.

If you are interested or know a family that can benefit from this service please visit our website.

Why you should hire a doula/ Birth Support?


Many birthing families feel neglected, unheard, and sometimes confused leaving their births, having an advocate prior to your birth, to build a plan that will make you feel and be heard, no matter where you choose to birth your baby.


Truth is People of Color experience medical neglect at a higher rate than any other race with these high rates of neglect, we our experiencing high rates of fatal incidents with the birthing parent.


Most assume that because you have a OBGYN or midwife they will have all the time needed for you to ask questions and get fact based information to feel ready, and to have a safe environment while birthing.


The birthing parent receives majority of the support, where as the other parent is left to figure it out or get the bits and pieces that is being told to them. Birth is sacred for both parents and each parent deserves the 1-on-1 time to ask questions and prepare.


Most doulas (Birthworkers) have a team of professionals to assist with many needs and specialties. This network provides many resources within your community. These resources very depending on needs, but very much available and will be offered based off the needs and requests of the birthing families.

Spiritual garden healing are trusted birth support wanting to assist you or your loved one on their prenatal journey.

Child birth is such a powerful sacred moment and it should be treated as such, but most importantly you deserve to be treated as such. We understand the importance of this blessing in your life, and we understand the need to want to learn and reach for more in life. There is no words for “more” and that’s because “more” looks different for us all, We our here to help you seek more within your prenatal journey.

Do you want to prepare your MIND.BODY.SOUL to bring your little one earthbound? Do you want support for not only you but for your spouse? Do you want to learn Holistic Wellness tips and tricks to have a comfortable birth?

We offer a two day class and during this two day class, you and your partner will learn everything you need to know to feel confident about trusting the birth process and what things to expect before, during, and after childbirth. You’ll receive a total of six hours of education, and each couple receives a certificate of completion. Learn and ask questions in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and receive full spectrum birth support for the next two days.

Day One Topics:

Staying healthy during pregnancy

  • Good nutrition ( Herbs, Aromatherapy, ect. )

  • Exercise

  • Reducing stress

Common discomforts

  • Nausea

  • Heartburn

  • Constipation and hemorrhoids

Possible complications/conditions/testing

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Group b Strep

  • RH blood incompatibility

  • Placenta complications

  • Preeclampsia

What and how to plan for the postpartum period

  • Meals

  • Self-care

  • Developing a routine and journaling

  • Understanding Postpartum Depression

Day Two Topics:

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • When and how labor begins

  • Coping with pain

  • Working with your support person

  • Role-playing, demonstrations of techniques

Labor Interventions and complications

  • Risks and benefits of interventions

  • Inductions

  • Cesarean birth

Planning for your birth and determining preferences

  • Cord clamping

  • Skin-to-skin

  • Newborn screening

Preparing your birth plan

  • What to include and knowing your patient rights in the hospital

  • How to discuss your plan with your care provider

First few weeks at home

  • Feeding your baby

  • Adjusting to new role

  • Taking care of your body

  • Communication between couples and supporting each other during this new journey

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