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How to Know When Your In Labor

No matter how many times we give birth, we all strive to overcome the same question….How do I know when its time? Most people will reply back, “You will just know when it's time.” There is definitely some truths to that but there are signs or “on sets of Labor” that will let you know when it's time.

How to know when I'm in labor
Birth doula

We will discuss the 3 main on sets of labor and how to properly understand how your body is getting ready to bring your little one earth bound.

Check out these tips on How to know when your in labor:

1. Bloody Show, also referred to as the mucus plug. This will occur because the cervix starts to soften and efface and dilate to prepare the body for labor

2. Water Breaking

  • There should be no color to your water. If you have on a pad, your pad should be clear and heavy. There are three additional things you should consider when reviewing water breaking.

    1. Consistency

    2. Color

    3. Odor

3. Contractions, Your uterine muscles become fully active and you start to feel an increase of pain that has been said to be similar to period cramps. You will know if you are having contractions because you will feel you uterus tighten, then relax.

Early in your labor you will start to see or feel soft signs of labor, these signs are:

  • Baby dropping in tummy.

  • You will loose your mucus plug

  • Start nesting

  • Irritable/Restless

  • Nausea & Diarrhea

  • Cramping + Lower back discomfort

Once you are in your second stage of labor, and prior to pushing you will see or feel hard signs of labor, These signs are:

  • Water Breaks

  • Strong consistent contraction

  • Bloody show

  • Strong downward pressure

When in labor listen to your body, flow with and honor your body and your body will let you know when it is time.

Peace, Love, and Light !

Kay Clinton

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