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Birth Preparation Masterclass

Our Birth Prep Masterclass is your ultimate guide to a smooth and confident pregnancy journey. Join us in our monthly deep dive into topics such as birthing positions, breathing techniques and baby care. You'll also get to participate in our monthly challenges that will help you put your learning into practice. Get ready to welcome your little one with confidence!


Labor & Delivery Support

Our Labor and Delivery Doula Services provide you with the support you need to have a safe and empowering birthing experience. Our experienced doulas will be by your side throughout the entire process, providing emotional and physical support, and advocating for your needs. We are here to ensure that you have a positive and memorable birth experience.


Newborn Care

This is a hands on 1-on-1 newborn care session. Within this session we will demonstrate and practice basic care of a newborn. This can be taken prior to your newborn’s arrival or after, whatever best fits your family needs. 

We will review these topics:

  • Bottle feeding/breastfeeding 

  • Sponge bathing

  • Sleep safety 

  • Swaddling 

  • Burping baby

  • Tub bathing

  • Diapering your baby


In-Person Postpartum

we offer newborn care such as carrying baby while parents relax, bathing baby, and swaddling. Let us help make the transition to your new life a bit easier.We will also provide light housekeeping such as washing linens, folding baby clothing, dusting, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and sanitizing countertops and baby bottles. Plus.

(4 Hour Min)


Virtual Postpartum

In this 1 hour virtual postpartum session we will cover the basics of postpartum healing, such as nutrition, wound care, pelvic floor health, and breastfeeding. We recommend a total of at least 3 sessions as we will divide the information into three phases:


Body Healing

Emotional Well Being


A la carte doula session

During this session, we can discuss informed decisions, breastfeeding, comfort measures, labor positions, postpartum preparation, signs of labor, newborn care, partner support, nutrition, and wellness. Our doula will structure your session to your specific needs, ensuring that all your questions and concerns are addressed. Book now and let us guide you through this transformative experience.

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