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TRUTH IS: Heavy metals are surrounding us everywhere !

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Facts about heavy metals and what you can do to keep your wellness at the forefront.

Stay tuned for ways to detox from heavy metals and other toxins.

Heavy metals are essentially all around us. There are many sources to heavy metals but the one I find the most concerning is the contaminated soil from which our foods are being produced. Their are people treating there yards with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and it is widely used through the agriculture industry. As I pointed out, there are so many sources with heavy metals there is a wide range of foods that are contaminated. Common contaminated foods are cereal, rice, wheat, fungus (mushrooms), Edible roots, fish, and crustaceans and herbs such as black pepper, white pepper, sesame seed, garlic powder, and more........

Depending on your diet and life style, contamination varies. It depends on the condition of your body. Sometimes it can take months to about a year to rid body of all the toxins and heavy metals.

For us to maintain powerful energetic bodies we have to do the maintenance on it. That includes detoxing from things that weight down your mind, body, and soul. Heavy metals can effect our organs like our spleen, liver, kidney, and intestines.

Tip #1: Intake more Chlorophyll

According to "Studies have shown that chlorophyll promotes detoxification because of its ability to bind to heavy metals. Chlorophyll can also support health blood circulation and oxygen levels in the blood stream."

Tip #2: Increase your Vitamin C intake

Oregon Health Authority Public health division put out an publication on how to stay protected from heavy metals. They Stated, "Eating fresh fruits, vegetables (rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron) and proteins from a variety of sources reduces the body's absorption of heavy metals. Eating foods with vitamin C helps increase the amount of iron in the blood and healthy iron levels help reduce the amount of lead taken into our bodies."

Eat more citrus ! Maximize your water, by throwing a little lime or lemon in it. Enjoy a juicy orange. Indulge in kiwi’s, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

Tip #3: Bentonite Clay detox

Bentonite is one of our most popular clays and comes from naturally occurring volcanic ash sediments. This Clay has been used by many indigenous cultures internally for wellness and detoxification properties.

Spiritual Garden Healing has a Bentonite Clay bath salt, that may be used to detox the body of heavy metals. Heavy metals like Mercury, lead, nickel, arsenic, aluminum, and zinc can cause harm to our bodies and over all well being.

Why you should Care?

When heavy metals are in small amounts, they are required for maintaining good health, but in larger amounts heavy metals can become toxic and/or dangerous to an individual. According to Heavy metal toxicity can lower energy levels and damage the functioning of the brain, lungs, kidney, liver, blood composition and other important organs.

With 7+ years in the wellness industry, we are trusted in our community. Our herbal tea mixes are divinely created just for you. If you are In need of a heavy metal Detox bath or custom tea. Click Here.

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