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Radiant Health: Culturally Sensitive Prenatal Support

Cultural awareness is important in pregnancy care because pregnancy customs and values differ among cultures. For women and doctors in the diverse Metroplex, cultural competency starts with thoughtful communication. Cultural competency goes far beyond the Golden Rule – treat people as you would prefer to be treated. That works only when someone wants to be treated the same way as you. Especially in pregnancy care, there are cultural nuances too many aspects of communication, from religious and family dynamics to guidelines around personal space and privacy.

While it’s not feasible for a doctor to be fully immersed in every culture represented by his or her patients, it is a providers duty to have a basic understanding of patients’ needs and communicate with them effectively and in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Culturally sensitive prenatal support can help women have a healthy, confident pregnancy, here is why:

  • Culturally competent care respects the beliefs and values of all patients, no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual identity or religious background.

  • Cultural competency starts with effective communication, listening, and respect.

  • Interventions to provide culturally-appropriate maternity care have largely improved women’s use of skilled maternity care.

  • Culturally sensitive prenatal care can help reduce maternal mortality rates

Radiant Health Birth support from Spiritual Garden Healing is providing culturally sensitive care. We would love to provide you with quality care through our Radiant health program. Click the link in the bio and gain more information today.

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